Meeting team targets, increased profit and easier business planning is just three benefits of a strong re-booking rate. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits to your business of setting targets and ways to increase your rate with SAM©.

What is a Re-booking?

In SAM© re-bookings are new appointments booked at the time of checkout or within 24 hours of receiving the service. If a customer calls to make a booking for the same service after this time the appointment is recorded as a new appointment for reporting purposes.

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Re-booking Benefits for your Business

  • It’s cheaper and easier to retain and nurture clients than attract new ones.
  • Ensures regularity for business. Staff rostering is far easier when you can fill your appointment book in advance. Overlapping or double-booked appointments are prevented.
  • Stability provides you as the owner with a better insight into your business’s performance. Giving you the ability to plan and set business goals.
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Re-booking Benefits for your Staff

  • A positive motivator for staff as they can meet their targets.
  • Motivated and busy staff are the foundations for a happier work environment and assist staff retention.
  • Building a trusting relationship between your client and staff leads to better client experience and opportunities to upsell services and products.
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Re-booking Benefits for your Customers

  • No last-minute booking dramas. Prevent the disappointment for clients of not being able to have the date, time, or staff member they want. It also prevents clients from going elsewhere if they can’t get a suitable appointment.
  • Clients feel valued, have trust in their stylist/therapist, and have a better experience with your business.
  • Customer satisfaction translates to better long-term results and positive reviews on your socials and Google.

How SAM© helps you Increase Re-bookings

  • At the time of checking out an appointment, SAM© prompts you with a re-booking message.
  • When an appointment is booked quickly send a Booking Confirmation SMS to your customer. They can click on the message and save the date to their phone calendar.
  • Follow up with an automatic SMS Appointment Reminder a couple of days before the appointment date.
  • Set staff targets in SAM©.
  • SAM© provides you with all the reports to monitor staff targets and business performance and assist business planning.

What is your re-booking rate? Our support team is here to show you all the tools in SAM© to help you improve. Call AustraliaPOS today to get started.

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