Features SAM©

Features of SAM©


SAM©’s Appointment Book has all the features to make managing your day easy.

  • Quickly enter and change appointments. Colour coding shows the status of appointments and available booking times at a glance.
  • The click and drag feature lets you smoothly move appointments and change appointment length.
  • Checking out an appointment via POS and rebooking is a breeze.
  • A standby list to let you easily fill cancellations, and dedicated service rooms to avoid double bookings are just some of the additional features included in the SAM© Appointment Book.

Reminders & Confirmations

Automatic SMS Appointment Reminders save time wasted following up with clients and reduce revenue lost by appointment no-shows.

SAM© does the work for you. Automatically receiving reminder replies and confirming the appointment. Colour coding lets you see at a glance who has confirmed and who has not.

SMS Appointment Confirmations can be quickly sent at the time of making a booking. Clients can easily add the appointment to their phone calendar from the message.

No need for appointment cards, no excuse for forgotten appointments.


Online Functions

SAM© Online Bookings, Online Deposits, Online Gift Vouchers & Online Product Shop.

  • Your customers can easily book services, and purchase products and gift vouchers 24/7.
  • You are in full control of the online features.
  • Online Bookings page customised for your business.
  • Online Booking goes directly to your appointment screen and is displayed in a different colour for easy identification
  • Staff login lets owners view the entire appointment book from any internet device.
  • SAM© has the option for staff to view their own appointments if permitted.
  • Security settings ensure your staff cannot view customer contact details out of the salon.
  • Online Deposits reduce no-shows and cancellations.
  • Online Gift Vouchers customised for your business.
  • Online Product Shop fully integrates with SAM©. No need for time-consuming third-party programs.

Client Forms

Easily build customised client forms to streamline so many functions of your business.

  • Client Forms are simple to create, and complete and are viewed in the SAM©client record. Reduce the time spent dealing with paperwork and manual filing.
  • Client Forms have so many uses. Create pre-appointment, new customer or treatment forms. Feedback forms, surveys or after-care forms are just a few suggestions.
  • Attach forms to SMS appointment reminders & appointment confirmations. Include forms in SMS & Email Marketing or use them in-store on a tablet.

Client Management

All your customer’s information is at your fingertips.

  • Quickly check appointment history and appointment notes.
  • Viewing a customer’s notes, sales history and client forms is simply done. Easily check customer deposits and account status.
  • Personal details including, birthday, next of kin and credit card can be securely recorded.

SAM© Loyalty Clubs & Memberships to reward your most valued clients.

  • Simple to create and easy to manage.
  • View automatically accumulated points at any time.
  • Loyalty Points are effortlessly redeemed at the POS screen.
  • Set up Memberships for privileges to apply for paying members.
  • Target marketing specifically to Loyalty Club members.


SAM© has the marketing tools you to keep connected with your customers and grow your business.

  • Send a blitz SMS Marketing campaign to a targeted audience.
  • Customise the Email templates provided in SAM© or create your own in marketing.
  • SAM© integrates with MailChimp giving you even more options to create professional marketing campaigns.

Set & Forget Marketing frees up your time as SAM© does the marketing for you.

  • Automatically send an email or SMS message to new customers and clients who have not returned. It’s really simple to send a birthday voucher, Christmas greetings or thank a customer for a referral.
  • Include a quick survey form in your marketing to easily receive valuable customer feedback.
  • Set & Forget Marketing includes Progressive Marketing. Build a campaign to maintain long-term marketing relationships with your clients.

Measure each campaign to find out what works. We provide you with the tools, training and support so you can connect with your clients effectively.

marketing SAM© Features


Simple and clear service management ensures your day runs smoothly.

  • SAM© ensures you will never book a service in for a staff member who is not qualified to perform the service.
  • Prioritise room allocation and choose which services appear online.
  • Service Notes for Online Bookings provide customers information at the time of booking. “New customers please arrive 10 minutes early or don’t use certain products before your appointment “.
  • The option of uncomplicated staff price levels is straightforward to implement.
  • Recurring Service Packages are made easy and Combination Packages are simplified.
  • Running Recurring Classes and Workshops is stress-free with straightforward setup, booking, attendee management and payment.

Stock Control

Stress-free Stock Management. Know what stock you are holding and what you need. SAM© Orders lets you focus on selling more products, not time-consuming administration.

  • Email orders directly to each supplier from SAM©.
  • Receive orders, update stock automatically store your invoice for the order.
  • Auto fill orders to your maximum stock level to hold for each product.
  • Easily manage your professional Stock usage.
  • Quickly view professional stock use and retail product sales for the last week, month or 2,4,6 months.
  • Never hold too much stock again.


Just what you need is a POS screen that makes sense.

  • SAM© POS makes it easy to finalise sales and rebook clients.
  • POS buttons make it quick to select products or services.
  • Discounts and surcharges are easily applied.
  • Redemption of loyalty points and gift vouchers is simple.
  • Check out multiple family members all in one transaction.
  • Uncomplicated End Of Day procedure with comprehensive daily staff summary report.
  • Ask us about compatible a cash drawer or barcode scanner.

Staff Management

SAM© keeps it simple with unlimited employees and the features you need to smoothly handle staff administration.

  • Easily manage your staff with SAM© rosters.
  • Colour coding on the appointment screen clearly shows the hours and status of rostered staff.
  • Manage part-day leave or multiple leave periods quickly.
  • Altering working hours, updating staff leave, and managing public holidays are all smoothly handled in SAM©.
  • Weekly, fortnightly or four-week roster made easy.
  • Timekeeping is available if you want your staff to clock on and off.
  • Report on actual time worked vs rostered hours worked.

PAYG & Staff Commissions

  • Full PAYG System calculating each staff member’s tax and super.
  • SAM© calculates annual leave and sick leave for you using the latest government regulations.
  • Email payslips directly to your staff within SAM©.
  • Multiple loading rates, overtime features and paid parental leave are all included.


SAM© gives you the tools to manage your staff’s performance and grow your business.

  • Over 144 reports across all categories.
  • The SAM© Dashboard lets you quickly access key reports.
  • Check the hourly service and product sales performance of your staff.
  • Staff Re-Booking report helps you train your staff to excel at re-booking clients, ensuring a consistently full appointment calendar.
  • See which staff are great at selling products and who needs help to improve.
  • Check the value of future appointments for the following week and view the dollar summary by staff.

Support + Training

We are here to help you get the most from SAM©.

  • Prompt phone and email support are fully included.
  • Reach out via our socials for assistance.
  • Remote access and back-end access to your computers allow us to provide you with maximum support and assistance.

Training is unlimited and ongoing and is fully included in SAM©.

We spend as much time as you need to get your business up and running.

Advanced training, refresher training, and new staff training can also be easily organised.

In addition to phone support and online training, SAM© includes training videos and a comprehensive suite of procedure documents within the program.

Additional Features

Security & Updates

Staff and program security to give you peace of mind.

Staff Security

As owner SAM© gives you all the tools to control your staff member’s usage of SAM©.

  • Staff passwords and user security permissions are easily set.
  • Staff service permissions ensure staff can only be booked for services they are qualified to perform.
  • Staff actions are fully logged in SAM©.

Program Security

24-Hour Daily Off-Site Data Back-Up.

Rest easy knowing no matter what happens your data is safe.

Your data is always protected even in the event of fire, flood, theft or a complete computer meltdown.

(Reasonable internet connection is required).

Updates + Upgrades

Never pay for updates & upgrades again. All updates and upgrades are downloaded to your computer automatically.

SAM© ensures all our clients stay ahead of and benefit from constant progress. An essential ingredient for the smooth operation and growth of your business using SAM©

Data Import

AustraliaPOS can import data into SAM©. Ask us what’s involved when you chat with us.

Data imports save time-consuming data entry and are a big hit with new clients updating to a SAM©.

Licences + Locations

Access your SAM© database anytime, anywhere. Multiple locations are easily handled.

Unlimited iPad & Tablet Licenses

  • Use iPads & Tablets in the salon/clinic to check out customers in treatment rooms or for clients to complete forms.
  • Access the salon/clinic database outside the salon/clinic directly from your iPad or Tablet.

Multiple Locations

The software solutions for multiple locations are made easy for you in SAM©.

  • Make appointments for and from other salon/clinic locations.
  • See the appointment book at other locations with the press of a button.
  • Choose to Redeem Gift Vouchers and/or Loyalty points across all locations.
  • Report on Head Office, all locations or zone into one location.

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