Frustrated by appointment cancellations

The SAM© team don’t need to tell you the cost and grief that last-minute appointment cancellations and no-shows cause your business. Times are tough and this is a drama you don’t need. There are however strategies business owners can implement to manage the problem.

Creating your Appointment Cancellation Policy

An appointment cancellation policy is the essential first step to protecting your business. The most effective appointment cancellation policies are simple and clear. An opening line requesting clients advise your business as soon as possible if they are unable to attend their booking. You can include a simple line explaining why notification is so important. Clearly state the notice time required, the penalty incurred and contact details for your business. We have an example to get you started.

“We value your business and ask you to respect our appointment policies. We request you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, prior to your appointment time, if you are unable to attend. Deposits held for appointment No Shows or Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time are non-refundable. Contact Business Phone. Thank you.

Implementing your Appointment Cancellation Policy

So how do you enforce your business’s appointment cancellation policy? SAM© (Salon Applications Manager) has the tools to help you.

SAM© Online Booking Deposits are easy to implement and simple to manage, and successfully reduce no-shows and cancellations. To ensure customers have no excuses, add your appointment cancellation policy to the SAM© Online Booking Terms and Conditions and the SAM© Online Booking Receipt comments.

Include “24-hour cancellation policy” applies in SAM© SMS Appointment Reminders, Confirmation Texts and Client Consent forms.

Advise customers of your appointment cancellation policy on your socials, your website and instore.

P.S. SAM© also has a Waitlist feature. You just may be able to fill an empty slot at the last minute.

Reach out to your business community via Facebook forums or industry groups and find out how other owners handle this problem. Sharing ideas benefits everyone. If you have any tips we welcome you to share them with our SAM© followers.

Contact the SAM© Support Team or call 03 5988 3345 to implement your Appointment Cancellation policy.

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