Salon Services For Men

Salon services for men. Did you know in 2005 only 29% of spa-goers in Australia were male? By 2018 that figure had risen to 49%. If you are looking to build your customer base and increase your profits consider attracting more male clients.

This can be done by introducing product ranges and services catering for the male market. Considering the ambience of the environment where the services will be performed, pink, bling and flowers may not be as inviting to male customers. Of course, a marketing strategy is a key to achieving success.

salon services for men

So where do you start with salon services for men? Some helpful marketing strategies include;

  • Converting the fathers, sons, brothers and boyfriends of your female clients is highly effective. You can use the Email and SMS marketing tools in SAM (Salon Applications Manager) to promote the services to your female clients. Consider a program rewarding your female customers for referring male customers. A Referral Program can easily be run through SAM Salon Software.
  • When promoting services in your business make sure your internal marketing also caters to men. Look at your website, brochures and signage to ensure that it is clear your business also caters to men.
  • Ensure your staff is comfortable talking about male treatments with your female patients.
  • Use external marketing such as social to connect with male clients and followers. Marketing gurus recommend social media posts that are educational and informative are more effective in attracting male clients. Consider also social media sites such as LinkedIn which are frequently used by men.
  • Marketing to men is only one part of attracting male clients. Creating a salon environment where men feel comfortable and not intimidated is very important.
  • Do remember mass media marketing of aesthetic treatments tends to target women. As a result, men are less cosmetically savvy and do lack a basic understanding of available cosmetic procedures. Male patients are often unaware that there are procedures that can address their ageing concerns.
  • Because men are less informed about the range of available procedures, they need to be more thoroughly educated about the various options with a full discussion of their individual risks and benefits.
salon services for men

The statistics show that a growing number of men are realising that spas aren’t solely for women. Consider how you can tap into this market of salon services for men. Contact the team at AustraliaPOS for assistance in creating SAM Salon Software Marketing and Referral campaigns to attract more male clients to your salon or spa.

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