Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are considered by marketing gurus as one of the best ways to generate new clients and positively promote your business. As a business owner, you can be grateful for the kind words and new customers or you can be more proactive and create a customer referral program. This is a simple and cost-effective marketing strategy that can be easily run in SAM Salon Software.

Firstly work out what you want to offer referring customers as an incentive. For example a $ 20 discount on their next appointment, a treatment upgrade or a free product.

In SAM Set & Forget Marketing, create a “Referred a Friend” Email and SMS message. This is easy to do, email templates are included in SAM Marketing and our friendly AustraliaPOS support team is always on call to assist you.

The beauty of Set & Forget marketing is that once it is activated it operates automatically in the background. Your SAM Salon Software does the work for you. At any time you can view the history of marketing sent and generate reports to monitor the customer referral program.

Promote your customer referral program on your social media sites, your website and in-store.

customer referrals

With each new customer appointment train your staff to ask the client how they heard about your business. As the new customer record is entered into your SAM database, click on the “Other Tab” and click on “Referred By”. Choose “Current Client” from the selection list and select the “Referring Client”.

Don’t forget to Save, make sure your staff always get mobile & email contact details and select “Marketing Permitted” for your customers.

Be savvy and use the tools available in SAM Salon Software; your SAM Database, Set and Forget Marketing and SAM Reporting to implement a customer referral program. Show some love for your loyal clients while generating new business.

Customer Referrals by Your Team at AustraliaPOS

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