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SAM Health

SAM © Health                                                      


SAM© does not have expensive modules. Ah! you wanted stock control that’s extra. No way SAM© would allow that.


SAM© believes that you should not have to pay extra for things that should already be included.


SAM© has it all in one comprehensive value packed program. One program, one price. From stock control to the accounting interface. It’s all included.


We listen to SAM©.


Whether you’re a small Salon or a large chain SAM© will manage your business with ease. With on site training included in the price your staff will become experts in a matter of a couple of hours.  If you do not have MYOB then SAM© can print or email reports to your accountant the key information needed to perform there task quickly and easily which converts to savings for you.


In fact SAM© has no extras, because SAM© has it all included.


All those jobs you wanted to do but never had the time to do. Well it's time to take the step and let SAM© do these jobs for you.


Take the step. We will hold your hand and make the transition easy for you. Once you have you will never look back, you and your staff will have more free time to grow your business. You or  your staff will no longer be tied down with mundane tasks.


With SAM© working for you to manage your business it will no longer be difficult to spend time with your family. Because when you are away SAM© will manage your business for you.


SAM© The Appointment Manager


SAM© has made it simple for you to manage your appointments. Quickly and easily select the customer and allocate the service. Allocate multiple services if you like.

Automatically SAM© can tell you if the selected staff member has the skills to perform the task, if not SAM© will tell you which Staff members can and which are free at the time you selected for the appointment.

So your customer likes to have a certain service performed every week, fortnight, month or six weeks. Whatever the combination, quickly and easily ensure that future appointments are set.


Easily add customer special requests at the time of the appointment, ensuring the request is fulfilled all the time, every time. SAM© colour codes the appointment grid so you can not miss the customer's special request. Fulfill customer special requests all the time every time, without fail.


SAM© remembers everything.


Move, print, delete and reschedule appointments quickly and easily. No need to ring your clients to make  sure they are reminded about the appointment. Let SAM© do that for you. The customer gets to choose if they want to be reminded of the appointment. If so by email or SMS. SAM© will automatically handle both with the press of a button.


Watch your appointments change to colour before your eyes as SAM© reads the emails and SMS messages that come back from the confirmation process without you lifting a finger.


SAM© The Customer Manager


SAM© will manage all your client details with ease.


Customers like their coffee a certain way or perhaps they like a drink of water or prefer a certain staff member to perform the service they have requested. SAM© will remind you via colour coding the appointment grid so you can not miss the customers special request. Fulfill customer special requests all the time every time. Without fail.


SAM© gets employee of the month every month.


Let SAM© show you the clients full history with a press of a button.


Let SAM© assist you by ensuring your customers stay with you. SAM© quickly and easily manages a loyalty program that will strengthen the bond between you and your client making it almost impossible for them to go  to another Salon.


SAM© will tell  you when the customers birthday is due. SAM© does not even need to know the year they where born. SAM© does not care how old they are. SAM© just wants to wish them happy birthday.


SAM© does not miss birthdays.


SAM© The Staff Manager


You would think you have an extra employee with SAM©. In fact it’s like having  an administration team. Watch with ease as SAM© does the Staff rosters in seconds. Run and print staff rosters for the week. Make roster changes quickly and easily. , move appointments around with ease. Get SAM© to manage the staff commissions quickly and easily (if you want to offer commissions that is. Track staff working hours and ensure staff are allocated to the jobs they have the skills to perform.


SAM© manages your appointments and confirms them for you with the press of a button. Free up your staff from those mundane tasks and get them to market your business or work on more clients.



Go SAM©.


SAM© The Marketing Manager


SAM© wants you to not only stay in business SAM© wants your business to grow. That’s why SAM© makes it easy to target your customers with relevant marketing. SAM© will let you create your own Marketing campaigns. Track the progress and measure the success of multiple campaigns. What worked best the yellow pages, local paper, The editorial you had done, the letter drop in your area. Track them all and quickly and easily see the results.


Let SAM© send emails or SMS depending on what the client prefers. Let SAM© print your address labels for a letter your sending out to all clients. Let SAM© print the letters personalized, adding that personal touch.


Help clear old stock by marketing to those clients that bought it in the first place. Offer it to them at a clearance price. SAM© can target those customers who have not visited in a while and offer them a special deal or incentive for them to come in.


With multiple marketing methods SAM© gives you the power to target your clients with the greatest of ease.


SAM©  will allow you to manage your gift vouchers with the greatest of ease allowing  full tracking and partial voucher use.


SAM© The Financial Guru


SAM © is at ease whether it’s tracking an account for a client, hold a sale quickly view an item price right through to the End Of Day balancing of the till.


SAM© makes it easy for customers to pay via Vouchers or accumulated loyalty points to cheques or Credit card to cash.


Quickly an easily SAM© performs refunds, voiding an item or voiding a sale.


SAM© The Reporting Manager


SAM© gives you a large number of reports to choose from. Whether you want to information regarding appointments, get some financial figures, find out how staff are performing or products are selling to the most common services or report o how successful the campaigns you organised are going. Or even trace how much product was used for a given time for a given service.


All of SAM©s’ reports are designed to give you the business owner the information needed to assist the business owner in growing your business.


If the report your after does not exist we will ensure its added to the list, free of charge in the first year.


SAM© loves to provide information to business owners.


SAM© The Products Manager


Imagine you had a staff member just focused on products. For one you would sell more products and guess what. SAM© will do it for you. Whether  you’re a Salon that sells very little product to multiple lines SAM© will alert you when stocks are low. SAM © will let you quickly and easily email your suppliers the orders. SAM makes entering new stock or ordered stock a breeze.  SAM© even lets you trace stock making it ultra difficult for your staff to steal stock.


SAM© loves to help your staff sell more stock.


SAM© POS interface


SAM© loves simplicity. SAM© wants to make your job easy. That’s why we have designed our POS interface for people that are not used to computers. SAM©’s intuitive POS interface is so easy you wonder why you didn’t get SAM© to work for you sooner. Selling products is easy. No manual price look up needed here, just run the product over the scanner just like the supermarket and the price comes up. SAM© even knows which staff member does the transaction.

Credits are a breeze, voiding transactions or item lines are simply and quick.


SAM© loves managing  your money for you.


SAM© The Security Guard


Its all so easy for SAM© wearing so many hats he even has time to guard the system. SAM© can keep track of all transactions so you know who did what. Worried about staff stealing your valuable customer records.. SAM© can put a stop to that. SAM©  will manage all the passwords (if you choose to use them, SAM© gives you the option. Only one person can change the passwords and that’s the owner of the Salon.

Staff can not view other staff pay rates or commission rates. SAM© works with the Salon owner to decide which staff get permission to perform certain tasks.


SAM© is looking out for your interests.


SAM© The Service Manager


SAM© does a great job of managing all your services. Create, modify, add and delete services quickly and easily. You can even link product usage to services so  you know how much product is being used on the service, right down to the gram or mill.