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At AustraliaPOS we recommend all our clients not to purchase a computer from a software company.


Most software companies will:

A. Use it as leverage to lock you in to a contract

B. Provide you with old technology at inflated prices.

C. They usually recommend little receipt printers that are expensive and unnecessary.

D. They also recommend cheap cash drawers that are linked to the receipt printer in order to work. (so you have to spend more money on paper rolls and fiddle around with replacing them at busy times just to open the cash drawer.


At AustraliaPOS we will chat with you and assist you in  your purchase of computer system that fits your budget and requirements from a local supplier at a great price.


Here are two options for clients to purchase directly themselves. Two all in one computers with a large touch screen for under $1000.


Expect to pay between $900 and $1100 for the HP Touchsmart  320. These are available at Harvey Norman and other larger retailers. Click on this for a peek at the HP Touchsmart



Here is another great option for you. The Dell machine link for you.


This Dell machine is actually a faster processor and offers exceptional value for you. Uses the New i3 and i5 processors. This machine is currently $1099 for touch screen and $999 for non touchscreen. Dell also offer finance from around $11 a week for this machine. Add $150 and you get three year warranty.




We can organise the set-up of all your equipment you purchase at no cost to you. Plus we also set-up a product that we can get on to your computer via the internet that we will use to provide training and support.


Antivirus software


We recommend when you get your new computer to remove the antivirus that it comes with, restart your computer once you have done so and go click on the link to download  Microsoft Security Essentials and install it.


If this is not your area then leave it to us to do it for you. No charge of course.




Since we do not recommend overpriced and unnecessary receipt printers we believe you only need  to purchase a laser printer. Black or colour your choice.


We recommend you purchase a cheap (Mono: black) laser printer from office works or Harvey Normal. Usually around $100. We  have seen them on special for as cheap as $37 and that is a well known brand. This way you will not be running down the street every two to three weeks getting ink cartridges. This printer can then to used to provide a copy of the clients future appointments plus for all the 100+ reports in SAM and also used to print the receipts for those very few clients who require one. (Receipts also show the clients future appointments.)


Look at Office Works and check it out.


Cash Drawers


With regards to cash drawers we use Senor cash drawers have a supplier that ships direct to you, a very sturdy and reliable USB interface cash  drawer. $200 delivered, drivers installed and tested.


These are best sitting on a shelf under the counter flush at the front. Out the way, out of the sight, tidy and secure. The cash draw has a slot to put the credit card receipts in from at the front so you then set the cash drawer to open only for cash transactions of you like.






In the stock settings of SAM you can give each product a button so it will show up in the POS Screen were you check out (clients payment screen) your clients. So simply pressing the button will enter the stock item and into the invoice list. list.


If you have a lot of stock then it can be more efficient to have a scanner. This way when your entering your professional stock used, you simply scan each empty packet taken from the holding bin and then discard it for good. Plus when you are at the POS screen you simply scan the product at that screen and it populates the list with the item you scanned.


No need to waste time placing your cursor in a field to prepare it for scan. The scanners we supply are reliable, inexpensive and have been pre programmed with a code to let the computer know what is coming in is a stock item.


The scanners come with  stand and are only $200 delivered, installed and tested.